Freelance Writers Forum

How you every written persuasive speeches and had speakers achieve success with them...?

Why not use your writing talent to earn an extra income...?

If you are interested, then the Freelance Writers Forum is for you!


How does it work?

We receive orders for new speeches and then send them through to you.  You then have 5 working days to write each speech and sent it back to us.  The speech will then be edited and any necessary changes will be made.  Within 7-10 working days the completed speech will be sent to the client.


How does the commission and payment work?

Each writer will receive between 50% to 70% (depending on how much editing is necessary) of the sale of the new speeches he or she has written.  All commissions are calculated and paid montly before the end of the next month. 

Please note that there is a penalty clause included for new speeches which are sent after the deadline.  For each day that the new speech is late (after the agreed upon deadline), 10% of the commission for that specific new speech will be deducted. 


What are the selling prices for new speeches? 

Gr 1-3 - R645
Gr 4-7 - R745
Gr 8-12 - R845


How to I join?

Please send an e-mail to


Are there any costs involved?

Yes, there is a registration fee of R500 per application. This is to ensure that we only receive valid applications from people who are serious about becoming freelance writers.  The fee includes a hard-copy "A-Z van Redenaars" book and e-book or the English e-book. 

It takes a huge amount of time to work though the approval and training process only to have people disappear because they are not really serious about wanting to be freelance writers.