About Us

Reasoning skills and the ability to speak in front of people with confidence are two of the most important life-skills we can teach our children. That is what we here at work towards. Public speaking is not a natural ability and most people, children especially, are very fearful of it.

But it isn’t as easy as just standing in front of people and speaking. To ensure that children have a positive and confidence-boosting experience, they must have a good speech. Writing a good speech is in and of itself ‘n skill which must be learned. Because it takes a lot of practice and hard word, very few people really ever learn to be good speakers.

Here at we believe that by helping children from the start to write and present a good speech, they will build the self-confidence necessary to continue practicing and developing their public speaking skills.

We have been involved with Redenaars (persuasive public speaking) for more than 40 years now as speakers, coaches, presenters of seminars and adjudicators. Over the years we have developed a recipe for success to help beginner speakers get a good start and quickly develop their reasoning and public speaking skills.

There are lots of tips in our book: The A-Z of Persuasive Speeches of you could consider having a look at our example speeches.

Helping your child become a good public speaker is a process, but we believe that it is one of the most wonderful gifts that a parent can give his/her child.