What our customers say...

"The redenaars final was fantastic."

"The adjudicators were very positive about my daughter's speech and we would love another hit just like it for next year.  As soon as we know what the new themes are we would like you to start writing."

"Thank you once again, it was an honour to be in the final.  This is the second year in a row with your fantastic speeches."

"I want to thank you again for an EXCELLENT speech.  My daughter got 2nd place again in the school competition.  I will definitely make use of your services again next year and will recommend you to everyone I know."


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News bied ʼn 15% afslag op nuwe alleenreg toesprake tot en met die einde van Augustus 2022. Indien jy belangstel in ʼn top-gehalte toespraak wat uniek en spesifiek volgens bestelling geskryf sal word, stuur gerus ʼn e-pos na of besoek ons webwerf vir meer besonderhede.
If you are interested in a professional, top quality new speech (unique and specifically written for you child), please put your name on the waiting list in the meantime. Please click the link and complete the e-mail in as much detail as possible.
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