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A blank cheque can turn your world around. It can buy you a life where you don’t belong. It can cause trouble with a capital T. And it can turn your dreams into nightmares.
    A hobby a day truly keeps the children at bay! Hobbies stop us wasting time doing nothing. Hobbies allow us to relax and exercise out brain muscles. And having a hobby is a sure way of earning money in a fun and rewarding way.
      A person is a person no matter how small. Please don’t underestimate our intelligence! Although we struggle to tie our shoelaces, we have superpowers when it comes to technology. And although we have little life experience, we need grow-ups to believe...
        A poor workman will always blame his tools. We blame poor performance on teachers and their tools. We blame sport failure on coaching tools. And disciplinary problems are everybody else’s fault.
          Animals are the best toys ever. An animal toy last much longer than a plastic one. They are much more alive than plastic toys. And you will never get too old to play with an animal “toy”.