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You play a waiting game and it tests your patience while waiting in a hide or a blind. It requires specific techniques. And you have to be responsible and weigh the reasons why you want to kill innocent animals.
    Disasters are part of our lives. Nature disasters throw us off course. Man-made disasters rip our lives apart. And we create our own disasters from everyday challenges.
      I know we live in a world where the female gender has stood up for their rights, and that they joined the suit generation and working corps, but there are limits! Girls – don't give up on your porcelain doll image!
        The roads are a battlefield. Ill-mannered people make shopping a nightmare. And people who are married to technology, live in a cocoon. Stop the ignorance! Do to other people what you would have them do to you.
          My first aim will be to go on a shopping spree and spoil every member of the family. Of course – after the kick of spending, comes the difficult part – saving. Last, but not least, I will donate money to get the woman and children beggars off the street.