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Children need pets in their lives to learn responsibility. A pet teaches you the responsibility of commitment. A pet can teach us to use our time effectively. And pets are the masters of teaching you to love and care for other human beings.
    Disasters are part of our lives. Nature disasters throw us off course. Man-made disasters rip our lives apart. And we create our own disasters from everyday challenges.
      With better discipline at home, South Africa will be a better place. Like the Titanic, South Africa is busy sinking...! There is only one solution to this problem – Parents have to take control of their homes and teach the little ‘aliens’ to behave!
        Teachers have to do all the work and children want to be entertained. Friends are also very reluctant to lend a hand when you are in trouble. And in our homes, kids feel that they are not cheap labour.
          Look on the bright side! Mistakes in life teach you valuable lessons. Failures make you more determined to achieve success and concentrate on real life changing achievements. Hardships show us that there is still something to be thankful for.