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Life is like Eugene Marais describes it in his poem – Skoppensboer: There is a tear on each joyful string, in every laugh, a sigh of pain. You have to learn to cope with the ups AND downs of life.
    To find a place to bathe is difficult in a competitive world. If you start to exercise a skill at a very young age, you will find a place in the sun and achieve success. Success also depends on the fact that you can overcome obstacles and never give up.
      You play a waiting game and it tests your patience while waiting in a hide or a blind. It requires specific techniques. And you have to be responsible and weigh the reasons why you want to kill innocent animals.
        “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough, or a book long enough to suit me.” People are impatient, intolerant and dissatisfied, but most of the time they have good reason. Shopping becomes a nightmare with all the frustrations of poor service delivery.
          Leonardo da Vinci said: a trustworthy person will criticize you in private and praise you in public. If you have a friend like this – keep him and treasure him. Don’t let distance EVER estrange you from each other.