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To work or not to work, To stay at home or be a career women. This is a very difficult question! My conclusion is: No mom – working or home based – is a superwoman – so accept her for who she is.
    Parents must become spectators and allow children to participate in the game of life. Allow us to make our own choices. Allow us to choose our own friends with their flaws and all. And allow us to go to school without you tailing us the whole time!
      People become the prey of life’s hazards. People bully you to suite their likes and dislikes. Peer pressure forces you to be part of the group. Success becomes the ultimate goal. And people’s expectations control the way we live our dreams.
        Keep your eye on the ball, is the easy part. To keep it from dropping, or kick it away, or pass it on – that is the difficult part. We make mistakes, but have to correct them and go on with life’s game.
          The debate over nuclear power will never be concluded. Nuclear power can be useful, but it can also be destructive and devastating. World domination is the goal of many countries,