Grade 8 - 12

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Charity begins at home – for sure! Parents must dig in their pockets for their children without moaning and groaning. They must spend time with their children to build relationships. And they must love their children unconditionally.
    I can’t imagine my life without friends. Without friends there wouldn’t be any fun or laughter. There wouldn’t be any peer pressure. And there wouldn’t be dear companionship
      Killing animals for economic gain is unacceptable. Endangered species can't be replaced. Killing mostly goes hand in hand with suffering. And killing for trophies to boost a man's ego is unacceptable.
        Life would be nothing without magic. There is magic in books. Magic in music. And extraordinary magic in love.
          To work or not to work, To stay at home or be a career women. This is a very difficult question! My conclusion is: No mom – working or home based – is a superwoman – so accept her for who she is.