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Being Sherlock Holmes runs in the family. And also the attitude of ‘look on the bright side’.
    Charity begins at home – for sure! Parents must dig in their pockets for their children without moaning and groaning. They must spend time with their children to build relationships. And they must love their children unconditionally.
      My conclusion is: Technology is just like men – you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them! Technology is here to stay. We have to use it to our benefit and make sure that we avoid the things that are harmful to our family lives. In that way we
        I can’t imagine my life without friends. Without friends there wouldn’t be any fun or laughter. There wouldn’t be any peer pressure. And there wouldn’t be dear companionship
          Dirkie Uys is a historical hero, because he refused to flee from the enemy and leave his dying father behind. Instead, he lost his own life in order to try and save that of the man whom he respected and honoured. This is the unselfish deed of a true hero