Grade 8 - 12

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To find a place to bathe is difficult in a competitive world. If you start to exercise a skill at a very young age, you will find a place in the sun and achieve success. Success also depends on the fact that you can overcome obstacles and never give up.
    “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough, or a book long enough to suit me.” People are impatient, intolerant and dissatisfied, but most of the time they have good reason. Shopping becomes a nightmare with all the frustrations of poor service delivery.
      Friends light up your life in different ways. The torch users take you on a detour. The candlestick friends are back stabbers. And the ordinary light bulbs are real keepers who stand up for you.
        The best way to catch the boat of life, is to have faith and hope for all the best there is to experience in life. Unfortunately there are no road signs at sea. You have to trust you instincts and your parents' guidance.
          When she opened her eyes, everything was white - white hospital, white sheets and the white faces of her parents. The news of losing a leg and never be able to dance again, was devastating! The word “handicapped” sounded like a death sentence....